System administration

Running BackupPC with lighttpd instead of Apache

I have been running BackupPC to back up jails on a FreeBSD box for a while now and been very satisfied with its stability. However recently I ran into problems with upgrading Apache, which is used as an optional web interface for BackupPC. Read More ›

System administration

Set environment variable for one command with csh

Setting an environment variable for the next command is easy with bash - as it turns out, also with csh. Here's how: Read More ›

System administration

portmaster -a upgrades db48 repeatedly

On a FreeBSD box, each time I ran "portmaster -a" it wanted to reinstall the db48 package. This fixed it: Read More ›

System administration

"Bad gateway" with nginx, PHP-FPM using FreeBSD socket

After updating a FreeBSD jail I got the dreaded "502 Bad gateway" error from nginx, here's how I fixed it: Read More ›


Running Plunker in IE9

While testing some code using Plunker I discovered that it doesn't support IE9. Read More ›