Analyzing OngoingWorlds posts

The previous post used Scrapy to extract post data from the website OngoingWorlds. Here are a few conclusions from that spider crawl: Read More ›


Scrapy example: posts from OngoingWorlds

Scrapy is a software project for fetching structured data (think spreadsheets or databases) from any website. These are some notes for dummies and forgetful people like me. Read More ›

System administration

Page constantly reloads after logging in to Outlook on the web

When logging in to Outlook on the web (sometimes known as Outlook Web Access or Office 365), sometimes my browser constantly reloads the page, switching between different domains, but never showing anything but a blank page. I was able to solve this in Chrome as follows: Read More ›

System administration

Using the GPG renderer to protect Salt pillar items

Some notes on how to encrypt sensitive data in SaltStack pillar files, e.g. to commit them to source code repositories. Read More ›


Updating to latest "pass" on Ubuntu 14.04

The password manager "pass" is in Ubuntu's repository, but the version on 14.04 is quite old and does not support e.g. the "find" command ("pass find", where "" is in a subfolder of the password store). Read More ›