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After updating a FreeBSD jail I got the dreaded "502 Bad gateway" error from nginx, here's how I fixed it:
📅 Aug 30, 2014
1 minute
While testing some code using Plunker I discovered that it doesn't support IE9.
📅 Aug 25, 2014
1 minute
Recently, I sent a mail to Airbnb, requesting a feature that I believe would benefit me and other customers of their service. Here's what happened:
📅 Aug 24, 2014
4 minutes
The Kendo UI Datepicker has no configuration option to show it all the time. How to inspect and theme it?
📅 Aug 21, 2014
1 minute
How to suspend when closing the lid using i3 on (Arch) Linux:
📅 Mar 10, 2014
1 minute