Jogging trail

I thought it would be fun to record and share the route I most often run around here: Read More ›

System administration

How to build a DB9-to-RJ45 serial cable

This type of cable has a female DB9 connector on one end and a male RJ45 plug on the other. It is used to connect to the serial console of older Cisco devices and Sun gear, among others. Read More ›


Flutter launched

We just launched flutter, the new Danish-language nanoblog. To learn more about the idea behind flutter, check this video. Read More ›


Accidentally removed user login block in Drupal?

If you mistakenly disabled the user block in Drupal 6 and now have problems logging in – first of all, don’t panic. Read More ›


Inbox Zero

I just watched Merlin Mann’s brilliant productivity video “Inbox Zero” from 2007 for the second time, these are my unedited notes from the video: Read More ›