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How to run toggl-cli on Windows (using Git bash):
📅 Jan 25, 2015
1 minute
How to fix Percona server not starting in a jail after upgrading the FreeBSD host from 9.2 to 9.3
📅 Dec 23, 2014
1 minute
If you are the owner of a Windows tablet, hybrid or "2-in-1" computer, you know how easy it can be to fill its (usually small) hard drive with downloaded files, documents, pictures or application data. If your device sports a SD card slot you might have considered moving your Documents or user profile there. While this is possible, there are several methods to achieve this goal. In this post I try to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to saving precious hard drive space by storing some of your data on the SD card (or other portable drive).
📅 Dec 15, 2014
4 minutes
Recently I purchased an Asus Transformer 2-in-1 / hybrid tablet/notebook, which came with "Asus Screen Saver". Here is how to uninstall it.
📅 Nov 24, 2014
1 minute
Being met with an error when opening Outlook or (worse), an archived PST file, can be a frightening experience. Fortunately Microsoft's Inbox Repair Tool does a good job at recovering mails in many cases.
📅 Oct 08, 2014
1 minute