Toggl command line on Windows

How to run toggl-cli on Windows (using Git bash): Read More ›

System administration

Saving space on hybrids: how to move the Documents or profile folder

If you are the owner of a Windows tablet, hybrid or "2-in-1" computer, you know how easy it can be to fill its (usually small) hard drive with downloaded files, documents, pictures or application data. If your device sports a SD card slot you might have considered moving your Documents or user profile there. While this is possible, there are several methods to achieve this goal. In this post I try to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to saving precious hard drive space by storing some of your data on the SD card (or other portable drive). Read More ›

System administration

Uninstall "Asus Screen Saver"

Recently I purchased an Asus Transformer 2-in-1 / hybrid tablet/notebook. Read More ›

System administration

Repairing Outlook PST files

Being met with an error when opening Outlook or (worse), an archived PST file, can be a frightening experience. Fortunately Microsoft's Inbox Repair Tool does a good job at recovering mails in many cases. Read More ›