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Gamify your life

📅 Oct 05, 2014
1 minute

I realize this is a very short blog post, but I just wanted to point anyone interested at this link:

While listening to a podcast about Angular (a front-end JavaScript framework I am using) I came across this “game”: HabitRPG. HabitRPG is not so much a RPG but very much a todo list and habit tracker, with some gamification elements appealing to old-school RPG connoisseurs (or nerds) like myself. It combines some (and unfortunately only some) of the features of to-do lists such as Remember The Milk with some elements of RPGs. That sounds somewhat crazy, but I wouldn’t dismiss it that easily, so I am trying it out right now for self-improvement and -development purposes.

If you don’t know what the abbreviation RPG means, I’d suggest to stay away from HabitRPG, because it very much looks like a tool by nerds for nerds, but if you do, and are interested in improving your real-life habits, giving it a try can’t harm you. I would suggest every new “player”/user to read “Establishing your tasks”.