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On an i386 box FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE would hang during boot if (and only if) I had some USB drives attached to the machine.
📅 Dec 30, 2013
1 minute
Here's a little wrapper script I wrote to let BackupPC archive onto a SFTP server.
📅 Dec 29, 2013
1 minute
Some notes about how I set up Amanda server and clients to back up jails on a FreeBSD host.
📅 Dec 26, 2013
4 minutes
After installing Manjarobox I couldn't get the application menu to work as root. Here's how I solved it:
📅 Dec 25, 2013
1 minute
A quick tip for conveniently launching applications using the Windows key plus another key in Xfce4:
📅 Dec 25, 2013
2 minutes