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Positive passwords

πŸ“… Oct 06, 2014
βŒ› 1 minute

If you believe in the power of positive affirmations, why not combine it with the security of strong passwords?

I believe in a couple of principles:

  • Long passwords can be both strong and memorizable.
  • Positive affirmations do work to improve habits and self esteem.
  • Writing or typing something is a better way to remember it than just reading it.

Here’s how I might combine these beliefs:

  1. Start with an affirmation that makes sense for you, here is a generic cliche:
    Today is going to be the best day of my life.

  2. Change some words to make the sentence illogical:
    Today was gonna be the super day of my lifes.

  3. Introduce some more spelling and grammar mistakes:
    Todei wass gonna bee teh supahst dai ov my lifez.

  4. Add digits and special characters:
    T0dei/wass\gonna B33_teh-supahst-dai,ov;my?lifez!1

There is a pass phrase that should be pretty secure against brute force and rainbow attacks and makes one think of the initially selected affirmation whenever it is entered.