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Toggl command line on Windows

📅 Jan 25, 2015
1 minute

How to run toggl-cli on Windows (using Git bash):

  1. Make a directory for user binaries:

    mkdir -p ~/bin
  2. …and change to it:

    cd ~/bin
  3. Clone the repository into the subdirectory “toggl-cli”:

    git clone https://github.com/drobertadams/toggl-cli.git
  4. Install prerequisites (“requests” was not mentioned in the README, but did need to be installed on my system with ActiveState Python 2.7):

    pip install iso8601 pytz requests
  5. Run the program once, don’t be afraid when it crashes, this is expected because of the missing configuration file (which it creates during this run):

    python ~/bin/toggl-cli/toggl.py
  6. Edit the configuration file:

    vim ~/.togglrc
  7. Update the line “username” with the “E-mail” and the line “apitoken” with the API token from your Toggl profile, e.g.:

    Screenshot of a text editor with the file '~/.togglrc' opened and the sections 'auth' and 'options' visible

  8. Save and close the configuration file.

toggl-cli is now ready for use (you might want to add it to your PATH and change the shebang line to your Python interpreter for ease of use). Some usage examples:

  • Start working on a task:

    python ~/bin/toggl-cli/toggl.py start Blogging
  • Stop working on a task:

    python ~/bin/toggl-cli/toggl.py stop
  • Continue working on a task:

    python ~/bin/toggl-cli/toggl.py continue Blogging
  • View more advanced syntax examples:

    python ~/bin/toggl-cli/toggl.py -h