System administration

Installing updates on Solaris 10 from the command line

After registering your Solaris system you might want to install updates from the command line. Here's how to do this in one to three easy steps. Read More ›

System administration

Registering Solaris to receive updates

A short step-by-step guide on how to register your Solaris server from the command line in order to be eligible for security patches (this doesn't require a service subscription). Read More ›

System administration

Installing Solaris 10 on MSI Wind

I'm running Solaris 10 on my home file server (MSI Wind Nettop D130), mostly because of its reliability and fabulous ZFS file system. Unfortunately, unlike OpenSolaris, it doesn't support the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet in my MSI Wind Nettop D130 out of the box. Here's how I got it to work: Read More ›


Improve your iPhone 3G's battery life

You know how your iPhones many apps can improve your productivity tremendously, but have also learned that its not-so-fantastic battery life increases your stress level at the same time? Read More ›

Uncategorized launched

We just launched, a Danish site that connects text/content buyers (such as SMB owners) with copy writers at cheap prices. Read More ›