Programming and productivity publications

Scott Hanselman recently wrote up a list of "Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books". That list, including the comments with other suggestions, is certainly worth a look. I have to admit that I haven't read most of what he lists, and only skimmed others. Read More ›


What's new in Telligent Community 5.0?

Are you considering to upgrade your CommunityServer 2008.5 to the newest edition 5.0, now dubbed Telligent Community? Here's a list of differences between the two versions. Read More ›

System administration

OpenSolaris 2009.06 released

A little late, but I would still like to grab the opportunity and extend my congratulations to the OpenSolaris team for releasing the 4th major edition of OpenSolaris this month. It feels like the first edition came out just yesterday, but looking at the impressive list of new and advanced features they have already come a long way, compared to other OSes during the same short timespan. Check it out at Read More ›


Disable "Most visited" in new tabs in Firefox 3

My standard browser is Firefox 3 because of its rendering, cross-platform availability and mostly because of its extensions. Some time ago I installed Google Toolbar to be able to see the page rank of websites I visit. Since then, every new tab I open took much longer to load than previously - I had to wait entering the URL I really wanted to visit to allow Google Toolbar to render 9 screenshots of my "most visited" sites. Well that's nice and all Google, but I've got shortcuts for those sites and even if I don't, I could possibly type their URL faster than it takes you to display this rather useless page in every new tab I open. So I went on a quest to disable this function and it's actually not hard at all! Read More ›

System administration

Count files in a folder recursively

To count the number of files in the current folder and in all of its subfolders (recursively): Read More ›