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What's new in Telligent Community 5.0?

📅 Jun 25, 2009
2 minutes

Are you considering to upgrade your CommunityServer 2008.5 to the newest edition 5.0, now dubbed Telligent Community? Here's a list of differences between the two versions.


  • Joinless groups
  • Group wiki
  • Multiple forums, blogs, media/file galleries, and wikis (with advanced functionality)
  • Sub-group hierarchy support
  • Configurable group role permissions
  • Group messages
  • Follow or unfollow groups
  • Quick post functionality with Ajax
  • Highlight featured content
  • Group-driven navigation and browse groups


  • Tag myself and find other like-minded people
  • Admin-configurable user profile fields and layout
  • Reply to user status messages
  • Follow user activity


  • Support for multiple images and attachments


  • RSS for all forum content in a group
  • Capture forum thread to wiki


  • Add wiki or wiki page to favorites
  • Default wiki for a group and default page for a wiki
  • Wiki editing conflict resolution
  • Capture from forum thread
  • Multi-level table of contents
  • In-page table of contents with anchors and anchor linking
  • Move wikis between groups and sub-groups


  • Configurable “widgets” (components) across the site on every page
  • Dynamic theming with widgeted UI
  • Highlighted featured content on site home and group home pages
  • User-configurable dashboard
  • Move wikis between groups and sub-groups
  • Editable key site terms for “group(s)” and “friends(s)”
  • Word wheel for search results based on what you’re typing
  • Search for groups
  • Search by all user profile fields
  • Search results show forum thread status
  • Weighted ranking for answers
  • Advanced search
  • View users by role


  • Configurable auto-delete task for activity messages