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📅 Jun 25, 2009
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Scott Hanselman recently wrote up a list of "Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books". That list, including the comments with other suggestions, is certainly worth a look. I have to admit that I haven't read most of what he lists, and only skimmed others.

Instead of trying to add to his list, here I think a little broader than just programming: which books and other media have had an impact on my professional or general productivity?

  • Getting Real - the smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application by 37signals (they ought to know).
    One of these books with short, precise, right-to-the-point chapters - fortunately most of them are real gems. Its message boils down to “the easiest way to achieve something is often the right one”.
  • Inbox Zero
    I was one of those persons using the inbox as my mailbox, calendar and to-do list. Inbox Zero retaught me the joy of e-mail - by using it less. Highly recommended.

The following books are still unread on my shelf, so I can’t really recommend them yet - but from what I heard, they are quite popular (and I really need to get those for my reader!):