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Disable "Most visited" in new tabs in Firefox 3

📅 May 30, 2009
1 minute

My standard browser is Firefox 3 because of its rendering, cross-platform availability and mostly because of its extensions. Some time ago I installed Google Toolbar to be able to see the page rank of websites I visit. Since then, every new tab I open took much longer to load than previously - I had to wait entering the URL I really wanted to visit to allow Google Toolbar to render 9 screenshots of my "most visited" sites. Well that's nice and all Google, but I've got shortcuts for those sites and even if I don't, I could possibly type their URL faster than it takes you to display this rather useless page in every new tab I open. So I went on a quest to disable this function and it's actually not hard at all!

To disable the “most visited” pages in Firefox with Google Toolbar, simply:

  • Go to about:config
  • Confirm the security question, if asked
  • There’s a search bar at the top, enter “tab” here
  • Scroll down to google.toolbar.newTab
  • Double-click that line and notice that the right-side column has been changed to “False” and the row is now written in bold
  • Close the about:config tab