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Some notes on how to encrypt sensitive data in SaltStack pillar files, e.g. to commit them to source code repositories.
📅 May 21, 2016
4 minutes
The password manager "pass" is in Ubuntu's repository, but the version on 14.04 is quite old and does not support e.g. the "find" command ("pass find somesite.com", where "somesite.com" is in a subfolder of the password store).
📅 May 02, 2016
1 minute
When creating a Google Compute Engine instance from a publicly shared image which is not in your own project nor one of the default projects - such as FreeBSD - the image-project can be specified on the gcloud command line. Here's how to do the same when using salt-cloud instead of gcloud:
📅 Apr 16, 2016
2 minutes
Here's how I configured my girlfriend's Vera to shutdown her (Windows-based) HTPC when a certain scene gets triggered:
📅 Mar 17, 2016
2 minutes
Just some notes-to-self on how to compile and install tarsnap and acts on Ubuntu 14.04 and its derivatives.
📅 Dec 31, 2015
6 minutes