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Cars in Minecraft - for dummies

The kids asked me to install a car mod on their Minecraft server. Now, I suck at Minecraft server administration (probably because I don't like or play the game myself), so here are some notes in case I need to reinstall this later. Read More ›


Can't leave EQ2 Dungeon Maker?

When designing a dungeon in EQ2's Dungeon Maker, the "Leave dungeon" on the Housing window might not work. Here's a workaround: Read More ›

System administration

OmniOS/OpenIndiana IPS repositories

A list of some IPS package repositories for OmniOS, OpenIndiana and/or OpenSolaris. Read More ›


Cheaper than locally: ordering food online in Sweden

You're a parent? Living in Sweden? Trying to save money by shopping at Netto, ALDI or LIDL? Read on - there might be cheaper alternatives to buy some of your food! Read More ›

System administration

Zend OPcache for PHP on SmartOS

Installing an opcode cache such as Zend OPcache is a simple way to improve your PHP's performance on SmartOS. Here's how. Read More ›