System administration

OmniOS/OpenIndiana IPS repository

An IPS package repository for OmniOS, OpenIndiana and/or OpenSolaris. Read More ›


Cheaper than locally: ordering food online in Sweden

You're a parent? Living in Sweden? Trying to save money by shopping at Netto, ALDI or LIDL? Read on - there might be cheaper alternatives to buy some of your food! Read More ›

System administration

Zend OPcache for PHP on SmartOS

Installing an opcode cache such as Zend OPcache is a simple way to improve your PHP's performance on SmartOS. Here's how. Read More ›

System administration

Backup Jenkins configuration to S3

Here's a simple Jenkins job that backs up your Jenkins configuration (i.e. job definitions) to Amazon S3. Read More ›


Diigo backup script

A simple script to backup your Diigo bookmarks to a JSON file. Read More ›