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Using BackupPC to archive backups via SFTP

📅 Dec 29, 2013
1 minute

Here's a little wrapper script I wrote to let BackupPC archive onto a SFTP server.

#!/usr/bin/env csh  
# Create temporary directory  
mkdir -p /tmp/backuppc-archive  
# Clean previous archive, if any  
rm "/tmp/backuppc-archive/$4.$5.tar$7"  
# Call BackupPC_archiveHost  
BackupPC_archiveHost "$1" "$2" "$3" "$4" "$5" "$6" "$7" "$8" "/tmp/backuppc-archive" "${10}" "${11}"  
# Copy to SFTP  
scp "/tmp/backuppc-archive/$4.$5.tar$7" user@host:/  
# Remove temporary archive  
rm "/tmp/backuppc-archive/$4.$5.tar$7"

To use this, save the script, set its executable flag, and configure BackupPC to use it instead of the default script - either in the global config.pl or a client-specific config:

$Conf{ArchiveClientCmd} = '/path/to/script/above.sh $tarCreatePath $splitpath $parpath $host $backupnumber $compression $compext $splitsize $archiveloc $parfile *';