System administration

Using the Windows key to open Xfce application menu

How to open your Xfce's application menu using the Windows key in three easy steps: Read More ›

System administration

Installing software on PC-BSD 9.2 - for dummies

I am currently learning my way around PC-BSD 9.2. Read more about why and my findings after the break. Read More ›


My hardware and OS history

I have used most types of operating systems throughout the years. For those not interested in a little history, please skip this entry. Otherwise, read more after the break. Read More ›

System administration

A nicer "vmadm list" for SmartOS

The default output of vmadm list in SmartOS can be a little hard to read (especially if you, like me, use long aliases for your zones). Here is a little Python script that formats the list of VMs for a more user-friendly output. Read More ›


Can't leave EQ2 Dungeon Maker?

When designing a dungeon in EQ2's Dungeon Maker, the "Leave dungeon" on the Housing window might not work. Here's a workaround: Read More ›