Colour Catcher review

Over the last week or so I've been testing a product called Colour Catcher that promises to reduce or even eliminate the risk of discolored clothes, increasing the lifetime of ones garments and allowing one to wash more different clothes at the same time. Read More ›


The workplace of the future

I just read a report from Skype (via Mashable) that finds 62% of all surveyed companies already use remote workers, i.e. employees working from home ("WFH") some or all of their time. Read More ›


Why don't browsers ship with jQuery?

This is really not so much a blog entry as it is a question... why don't browsers "ship" with jQuery and other common frameworks? Read More ›


Is Linux Mint adware?

I'm an avid reader of LifeHacker and recently tried out the Linux Mint distribution after reading this post. Read More ›