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A nicer "vmadm list" for SmartOS

πŸ“… Sep 17, 2013
βŒ› 1 minute

The default output of vmadm list in SmartOS can be a little hard to read (especially if you, like me, use long aliases for your zones). Here is a little Python script that formats the list of VMs for a more user-friendly output.



This displays the Alias at the top left, the UUID at the top right, and the first IP address and RAM allocation on a second line. Stopped zones (if any) are displayed below the running ones.

Code follows:

#!/usr/bin/env python2.7  
from subprocess import check_output

def list_vms(state):  
  vlr = check_output([  
    "state=%s" % state  

  vlr = [vm for vm in vlr.split("\n") if len(vm)]  

  if len(vlr):  
    print state.capitalize().center(80)  
    print "=" * 80  

  for vm in vlr:  
    vm = vm.split(":")  

    print "%s%s" % (  
      vm[3].rjust(80 - len(vm[0]))  

    print "%s%s" % (  
      "IP: %s" % vm[2],  
      ("Memory: %s MB" % vm[1]).rjust(80 - 4 - len(vm[2]))  


if __name__ == "__main__":  

I hope this proves helpful to someone else. Of course this requires installing Python 2.7 in the global zone where pkgin isn’t available by default, see here how to install pkgin in the global zone, after that you can simply do a pkgin in python27.