System administration

Slow Amazon EC2 rsync / SCP / SFTP upload speeds?

I experienced very slow speeds when uploading files to a small (m1.small) Amazon EC2 instance using the SCP and SFTP3 protocols with rsync, WinSCP and Tunnelier BitVise - around 30-40 kB/sec. Read More ›

System administration

Backing up to Amazon AWS

This is a walkthrough for backing up files to Amazon's data centers, more specifically to an EC2 instance with an EBS root volume. While it is tailored to a UNIX-like environment (as that's what I use - Solaris 10, Debian and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard), all tools used in these scripts are also available for Windows environments. Some adaptation of the commands might be required. Read More ›


Weekly review: Week ending Dec 27, 2009

Ooh, last week was over so fast, and I didn't get lots of stuff done before Sunday/Monday due to the holidays - but it was nice spending time with my family and I had some good talks with them. Read More ›

System administration

Sort ls output by date ascending

How to display newer files at the bottom of the ls output on Solaris 10: Read More ›