Why I avoid sugar

Okay, so if you have met me in person you know that I'm rather slim, and whether or not you've met me I might have told you that I avoid eating sugar. I get questioned A LOT about this, so I'll try to explain why I do this. Read More ›


Thesis customizations I like

This list contains all the customizations I have made to the Thesis theme, in order to ease upgrading later on. Read More ›


Drop caps in Thesis

Reading Asnio inspired me to implement drop caps on this blog, and searching for an easy way to add them I came across Miguel's post on adding drop caps to all posts in Thesis at once. Read More ›

System administration

A user-friendly and fast Linux for netbooks?

Thanks to MakeUseOf I discovered Jolicloud, a version of Linux optimized for netbooks. Read More ›


Weekly review: Week ending May 02, 2010

I admit I've been way too lazy the last weeks with regards to work tasks, so I'm deliberately posting this embarrassing review to get myself back on track as soon as possible again... Read More ›