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Weekly review: Week ending July 14, 2012

📅 Jul 13, 2012
2 minutes

It's been almost a year since I wrote my last weekly review here - and I can't promise to write one next week either.

Shame on me, but I am sitting in a train bound back home, after returning 3 of our special needs kids back to their father - they have been with us for 2 weeks - 'nough said?

Okay, probably not - though it was a hard time trying to get work done while avoiding the constant lingering tantrums from untreated children :(

So, in a kindof new format, here’s what I accomplished anyway:


  • Changed almost all page templates to load JavaScript using the AMD standard (a progressiv style of coding that allows developers to modularize code instead of copy/pasting, while retaining functionality and performance due to the ability to bundle modules together in .js files) (MM)
  • Inlined some ads to avoid the last synchronous iframe loading on the frontpage (MM)
  • Noticed Google Page Speed go down about 30% (i.e. faster loading of pages) due to switching from synchronously loaded ads to ads loaded in “friendly iframes” (with both of our ad servers, Emediate and Google DFP Small Business) (MM)


  • Had some good talks with Mikkel
  • Supported Birgit in branding herself personally


  • Paid some overdue invoices
  • Sent an invoice to MM that hopefully will be paid in time so that I don’t get overdue again on payments next month

Plans for next week:


  • Fix JavaScript and CSS bugs tue do the previous refactoring (MM)
  • Recreate functionality that existed before the switch to the new design (MM)


  • Reestablish a better relationship with my girlfriend after the last weeks’ stress


  • Improve my personal finances by declaring company expenses as such
  • Improve my personal finances by settling debts with my girlfriend

Please feel free to hold me accountable to the above goals in 1 week from now - i’d appreciate it :)