Weekly review: Week ending February 11, 2011

Plans from last week:


  • Developed content for right side of templates (MM)
  • Inserted new content, search function and changed order in right side of templates (MM)
  • Evaluated offer for new servers (MM)
  • Finalized specs and accepted offer for development of new newsletter type (MM)
  • Began work on user data extraction script (MM)
  • Finished migration to Google Apps (MM)
  • Troubleshooting of Pinq leads (MM)
  • Processed lots of error reports (MM)
  • Server reconfiguration and other work to troubleshoot performance problems (MM)
  • Extracted lots of lead data (MM)
  • Installed a Mercurial server (MM)
  • Set up a new web server for troubleshooting purposes (MM)
  • Installed updates to all servers and CMS sites under own administration (CC)
  • Bought a PyCharm license and started using it on small projects – converting from Komodo IDE (CC, MM)


  • Continued trying to improve my social networking by double-sharing family pictures and other content on Flickr, Facebook, Diigo, Amplify and other sites


  • Went to the doctor with Trine
  • Routine test of smoke detectors
  • Booked dentist appointments for all kids