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Debugging Pyramid with PyCharm

📅 Jan 30, 2011
1 minute

I recently came across the PyCharm IDE and almost instantly fell in love.

PyCharm is made by JetBrains, the developers of IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper - these guys have proven their ability to create full-featured, developer-friendly IDEs in the past and its obvious they used their knowledge to create PyCharm, too.

While PyCharm supports Django and GAE out of the box, it can certainly be used for other frameworks. Sean has written some excellent instructions to debug Pylons with PyCharm and the steps required to debug Pyramid are exactly the same:

  1. Click “Run” > “Edit Configurations”
  2. Press “Insert” and choose “Python”
  3. Give the configuration a name, e. g. Pyramid
  4. Insert the script to paster:
  5. Insert the script parameters WITHOUT –reload:
    serve C:\path\to\development.ini
  6. Choose the right Python interpreter from the dropdown