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Blue screen after XRDP login in quick-created Hyper-V VM

  • After using Windows Hyper-V Quick Create to install Ubuntu in a VM, a window with a resolution slider appears.
  • It might not be obvious what this dialog really does: replacing the window that displays the emulated monitor with a RDP session to the VM. Hyper-V calls this mode of displaying the VM “Enhanced session” because of its improved performance (graphics seem to “lag” less to me).
  • However, the RDP session can only be logged in to if you are not logged in to a session in the emulated monitor window already.
    • So if you selected “Log me in automatically” while configuring Ubuntu, you are already logged in and the RDP session only displays a blue screen after logging in using the XRDP connect dialog.
  • The solution is to temporarily go back to a non-enhanced session (using the View dropdown at the top of the “Virtual Machine Connection” window, untick the “Enhanced session” option), log out of Ubuntu at the top right, then re-enable the enhanced session and re-enter the credentials using the XRDP login dialog.