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Meta Quest 2 - First impressions


First impressions

The graphics are not overwhelming - kind-of like Full HD with a cheap graphics card. Without having experienced high-end models like the PS VR2, I am sure those would be a lot more immersive. But I am not a sucker for high-end gaming/graphics to begin with (I enjoy a good storyline much more than realistic graphics) and chose the Quest 2 because of these other reasons:

  • Price - approx. 40% of what a PS5 and PSVR2 cost together
  • Portable - can bring my workout/games on vacations, to the office or friends
  • Standalone - no cable that tethers me to a machine and could be tripped over
  • Content - lots of games as well as other experiences (fitness classes, movies, social and business apps, virtual vacations, guided meditations etc.)

Other positive aspects

  • Included glasses spacer for users wearing eyeglasses
  • Ability to create 1 administrator and 3 other users, who can use games/apps purchased by the main user for free
  • Passthrough feature automatically shows the real environment when leaving the Guardian (zone dedicated as safe for movement)
  • Good battery life of the controllers (30 hours per 1 AA battery)


  • Battery life of 2-3 hours per charge - have not run them down yet (also because you should not really spend so much time in VR), but it is not impressive and the batteries are not replaceable (but their life can be extended with a headstrap with integrated battery, which is also supposed to increase the comfort)
  • Smaller/cramped apartments require you to move furniture for the “Roomscape” experience
  • Only one official store (but there is an app called SideQuest for side-loading, similar to installing APKs on Android, which I have not looked into yet)


  • There are three modes; the Guardian feature will let you know when you move outside the current mode/zone and ask you to define a new one to keep you safe from injuries:
    • “Sitting” or “Stationary” (standing) - just make sure to be able to move at least the arms without touching anything (maybe remove pets too)
    • “Roomscape” - where you draw a “safe zone” of at least two by two meters (6.5 square feet) to move within and are alerted by a grid when you leave it - this is implemented very user-friendly (probably remove pets!)
      • If you re-orient yourself in the real environment, the “main screen” might no longer be in front of you, and the headset does not know that. In that case press and hold the button on the bottom-right of the right controller for two seconds to move the main screen in front of your view again.
  • The bottom-right button on the right controller brings up the main menu, where you can switch apps, start casting, check the battery status, etc.
  • When using eyeglasses, take the headset on starting with the front
  • Push it down onto your nose as much as possible for the clearest picture and least light from the outside
  • The lenses can be moved horizontally to fit the spacing of your eyes. Push both lenses towards/away from each other at the same time
  • When using intensive games/apps, or having multiple users, consider getting the “Active Pack” for its wipeable gasket and the handstraps (no risk of dropping the controllers)
  • Hold the button on the right side of the headset for two seconds to power on/off - powering off is indicated by a short melody, if you don’t hear it, you did not press long enough and the battery will be drained
  • Just like with Farmville, your friends might get irritated if you share every little achievement on Facebook

Not yet tried

  • Double-tapping the right of the headset is supposed to enable Passthrough (when you are unsure of where you are)
  • Take of the headset immediately if feeling motion-sick or nauseous


  • First Steps (pre-installed) - very useful to become familiar with the controllers
  • Beat Saber - similar to DDR and supposed to be a must-have - only tried it briefly, but it was fun
  • FitXR - engaging trainers, unfortunately they are rendered in 3D, other fitness apps have real footage instead, I would like to try Les Mills Body Combat or Supernatural (if it ever becomes available in the EU)