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A collection of Eleventy (11ty) starters, projects, plugins, and resources created by Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph)

An aggregation of feeds, blogs & releases from the 11ty Project



Debugging invalid Markdown

DEBUG=Eleventy* npx @11ty/eleventy --dryrun --input=FILENAME.md

Escaping double curly braces in Markdown preprocessed by Liquid

  • By default, Eleventy preprocesses Markdown files using the Liquid templating engine before transforming the Markdown to HTML. (This is similar to how tools like Docusaurus or Astro process both JSX and Markdown content in *.mdx files.)
  • This functionality can be disabled by setting the configuration parameter markdownTemplateEngine to false.
  • If you use Liquid in some of your Markdown (maybe in the frontmatter to dynamically create slugs, etc.), you may not be able to disable the preprocessing.
  • If you want to use double curly braces {{ in a Markdown file preprocessed by Liquid, envelop the curly braces in the Liquid directives { % raw %} and { % endraw %} to prevent them from being parsed by Liquid.
  • Since those Liquid directives are shown when the Markdown content is rendered without preprocessing (e.g. when you preview the Markdown on GitHub), you can further encapsulate the Liquid directives in HTML comments, such as:
    <!-- { % raw %} -->
    {{ Liquid will not try to parse these curly braces }}
    <!-- { % endraw %} -->
  • When copying the directives above, delete the space between the first { and the % (this file is also preprocessed by Liquid).