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  • This note is not about single-player games or MMORPGs.

Resources by game system

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Fifth Edition (5e)

Third Edition (3.5e)

  • Dark Sun

    Dark Sun is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Set on the desert world of Athas, Dark Sun is about the struggle for survival.


Second Edition (2e)


The Dark Eye / Das Schwarze Auge



Virtual tabletop

  • Roll20

    Play games anywhere. Share them with anyone. With Roll20® as your virtual tabletop, your adventures are limitless.

  • D20PRO

    D20PRO is a multi-platform, multi-player Virtual Tabletop (VTT) that takes roleplaying games from around the table to gamers around the world. Experience all the elements of roleplaying with the powerful D20PRO rules engine — speed up combat, roll a natural 20 on integrated dice, play on gigantic gaming maps, and bring character sheets to life. D20PRO specializes in running D&D 5E, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Game sessions, but easily handles any roleplaying game system!

  • Foundry VTT
  • Fantasy Grounds



  • Ongoing Worlds
  • RPG Crossing

    If you’d like to craft stories and play role playing games with thousands of people from around the world, you’ve come to the right place!

    RPG Crossing is a 40,000+ member online community that focuses on play by post role playing games (PBP RPG) and features such systems as Dungeons and Dragons (2e, 3e, 3.5e, 4e, 5e), Pathfinder, GURPS, d20 Modern, Serenity, Star Wars, Storytelling (World of Darkness) and many more.

  • Roleplayer Guild

    Play-by-Post Role Playing Forum

  • RolePlay onLine

    RPoL is one of the oldest play-by-post roleplaying communities on the web, providing free membership for anyone to host and participate in any game system or communal story line.

  • Freedom City: Play by Post
  • Daleos