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Sous vide


Cleaning immersion cookers

  1. Fill a pot with equal amounts of water and white (transparent) vinegar, e.g. 1 liter (35 fl. oz) of each.
  2. Immerse the cooker as usual. Do not remove the skirt.
  3. If necessary, add water-filled sous vide bags to increase the water level so that all metallic parts of the cooker are below the surface (obviously, not exceeding the indicated maximum).
  4. Set the immersion cooker to 140 F and start it.
  5. Remove the cooker when the set temperature has been reached. (In case of high levels of mineral deposits, continue “cooking” for one hour.)


![[assets/Pasted image 20230826152217.png]] ![[assets/Pasted image 20230826152154.png]]

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