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Microsoft 365 Copilot First Look


Use your AI assistant in Microsoft 365

An overview of Copilot

  • Generative AI tools integrated into many Microsoft applications
  • Can use data in your calendar, emails, chats etc. to give personalized results
  • Currently only available in Business and Enterprise plans of Microsoft 365
  • Copilot in Excel only works for files stored in the cloud, while in Word it also works with local files
  • Works in macOS, [Windows](…/Microsoft Windows/) and [Web](…/Web development/) versions of Microsoft 365
  • Needs to be purchased by an administrator

Generate drafts or review existing documents in Word

  • Shortcut: Alt+I
  • Or press the button in the “Home” ribbon
  • Type / to reference up to three files that the data should be sourced from
  • Always review generated content for errors

Analyze data in Excel

  • Can only analyze data formatted as tables

Create and improve presentations in PowerPoint

  • Can transform Word documents to slides
  • Can organize slides into sections

Draft e-mail messages and summarize conversations in Outlook

  • Only works in the new version rolled out in 2023 (which is basically an installable PWA of the web version)
  • Can be invoked by typing / or pressing the Copilot button on the “Message” ribbon
  • Can generate drafts of different styles and lengths

Get summaries of meetings and chats in Teams

  • Works only with chats of a certain length
  • Press the Copilot button near the top right of a chat to show the Copilot panel
  • Can summarize long chats
  • Can find information in the chat history
  • Transcription needs to be enabled to use Copilot in a meeting (so it only works with languages that can be transcribed)
  • Can tell latecomers what already happened in a meeting, if they join more than five minutes after it started - ask e.g. “What did I miss?”
  • Integrates with the “Recap” feature in Teams to enable asking questions about past meetings