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Introducing .NET Core


Course notes from LinkedIn Learning.

What is .NET?

  • A combination of languages (e.g. [[C Sharp|C#]]) and libraries (e.g. the .NET Framework or (Core) Runtime).

Installing .NET

What is a .NET Hello World app?

.NET: Basic debugging

  • Set breakpoints by clicking to the left of the line number in Visual Studio, and start debugging by clicking the green “Play” button in the toolbar.
  • Breakpoints can be set to only trigger when certain conditions are met.
  • The Debug target compiles executables for debugging, while the Release target creates optimized code for shipping to users.

.NET: Adding a class library

  • Playback of this episode terminated prematurely for me. The video/series is available on YouTube.

.NET: Using a NuGet package

  • NuGet is a package manager for .NET libraries. Packages can be browsed on the NuGet Gallery.
  • Packages can be added as dependencies by right-clicking a project in Visual Studio and selecting “Manage NuGet packages”.

.NET: Unit testing

  • The XUnit testing library uses [Fact] attributes to designate methods as unit tests.
  • Other (unit) testing frameworks for .NET include:

.NET: Publishing an app

  • Console applications can be published “self-contained” (with all dependencies), in which case the target OS does not need .NET (Core) to be installed beforehand.