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Weekly review: Week ending Nov 29, 2009

๐Ÿ“… Nov 30, 2009
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Plans from last week:


  • Create a page with partner leads and integrate it into the sign-up process (Amino)
  • Create administration pages for partner leads (Amino)
  • Create a win-win agreement for further work with Martin (Amino)
  • Track leads through a banner rotation/tracking solution (Own sites)
  • Updated WordPress blogs to 2.8.6
  • Finish development of nissehue.dk (KC)


  • Cancel a cell phone subscription I havenโ€™t used for months

  • Washed more clothes than in any other week before in this life

Plans for next week:


  • Improve forums (Amino)
  • Finish development of nissehue.dk (KC)
  • Implement new design on ghostwriters.dk
  • Invoice Amino
  • Auction some unused stock domains


  • My sisters birthday party


  • Prepare taxation predictions for 2010
  • Use fakir mat more often
  • Buy exotic foods at Asian shops
  • Visit barber