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"Try this search on Google" for startpage.com

📅 Nov 09, 2013
1 minute

Trying alternative search engines is fun, but sometimes you want to repeat your search on good ol' Google. This script helps Startpage users achieve that.

I tried DuckDuckGo once and it had this nice “Try this search on…” menu to repeat your search on other, more common or specialized, search engines. Unfortunately Startpage / ixQuick doesn’t have a similar function, so I made a small user script to achieve the same functionality (assuming you run Chrome or Chromium - other browsers are not currently supported).

How to install:

  1. Right-click and save startpagecom-google.user.js
  2. Open Extension settings
  3. Drag-and-drop the script from the download bar at the bottom of Chrome/Chromium into the Extension settings
  4. Allow access to your data on startpage.com

How to use:

  1. To repeat a search on Google, click the “Enhanced by Google” logo to the right of the search box on any results page on startpage.com.