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Inbox Zero

📅 Apr 04, 2009
1 minute

I just watched Merlin Mann’s brilliant productivity video "Inbox Zero" from 2007 for the second time, these are my unedited notes from the video:

  • Time and attention are finite. Demands on your time and attention are infinite.
  • Email’s just a medium. It’s not a purpose in itself.
  • Have a place for anything - thoughts, ideas, pictures, business cards etc. - so you don’t use your inbox for storage or as a to-do list.
  • Don’t check your mail, process it. Avoid skimming/reading the same mail twice.
  • Actions, in order of desirability: Delete/Archive; Delegate; Respond; Defer; Do
  • Process mails less often. Consider closing e-mail app once in a while.
  • Use templates to automate frequent responses.