Comparing Content Delivery Networks

Comparison of some popular Content Delivery Networks (CDN) targeting SMB customers.

NetworkTypeOriginEdgesStorage $/GB/mo.Delivery $/GBSupport $/mo.CNAME
Amazon S3-EU10.180.17400no
Amazon S3 with CloudFrontEdge cacheEU140.180.17 - 0.221400yes
Amazon S3-US10.150.17400no
Amazon S3 with CloudFrontEdge cacheUS140.150.17 - 0.221400yes
CacheFlyEdge mirrorUS1415.000.490?
Rackspace Cloud Files-US10.150.220no
Rackspace Cloud Files with LimelightEdge deliveryUS170.150.220no
SimpleCDNEdge cacheUS/ own130.750.039?$5

Please note:

  • Prices are based on the lowest usage range or contract, and might be significantly cheaper with higher commitment and/or usage.
  • Prices do not include upload bandwidth/bandwidth to pull from origin server or requests or other fees (where applicable).