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Colour Catcher review

📅 Apr 07, 2011
2 minutes

Over the last week or so I've been testing a product called Colour Catcher that promises to reduce or even eliminate the risk of discolored clothes, increasing the lifetime of ones garments and allowing one to wash more different clothes at the same time.

I didn’t want to take a lot of risk for the first wash, so I mixed only red and blue colors of clothes that all had already been washed several times previously together with one “sheet” of Colour Catcher. The result was as usual, though the once white Colour Catcher had taken on a reddish note after the run, absorbing at least some of the clothes’ color.

My next run were towels, and this time I decided to mix the two most opposite colors, black and white towels together. I used one sheet of Colour Catcher with about 8 towels of different sizes and detergent for colored clothes. Mixing these kinds of colors, even with towels only, isn’t something I’d usually try, nor have I ever used color detergent for white garments before. The result seemed very acceptable to me, as the Colour Catcher had gone completely black during the wash. While the white towels still were very much so after the wash, it’s hard to say whether they had taken on a tiny bit of color from the black ones. Using Colour Catcher I feel secure enough to retry a similar experiment, but judging from the amount of color it had absorbed I’d probably use two sheets next time, just to be sure.

For the remaining washes in my “trial period” I always had enough similar colored garments available, so I had no reason to experiment any further, but I always used one sheet of Colour Catcher and each of these took on lots of color from the clothes, so it seems indeed to work as promised.

Some of the advantages of Colour Catcher that I see include:

  • Environmentally friendly - one can more often wash with a full machine
  • Economical - clothes live longer by not being discolored early on
  • Decreased risk of washing a red sock in a bunch of white towels

Would I buy Colour Catcher? I’m not completely sure, but I probably will. The only reason that complicates the decision is the fact that I can’t easily compare washing with or without Colour Catcher: I wouldn’t want to try the experiments without it because I would be too afraid of ruining our clothes.