Popcorn Time on Manjaro

June 9, 2014

How to fix a startup error from Popcorn Time 3.2 beta (64-bit) on Manjaro: yaourt libudev.so.0 This fixed the problem for me with the version of Popcorn Time available at time4popcorn.eu.

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Power management under i3 on Arch Linux

March 10, 2014

sudo pacman -S xfce4-power-manager xfce4-power-manager-settings Make the necessary configuration settings, such as suspending upon closing the lid vi .config/i3/config Add this at the bottom: exec –no-startup-id sleep 3 && xfce4-power-manager  

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Add Manjaro Openbox flavor to Manjaro XFCE

March 9, 2014

sudo pacman -S openbox obmenu-generator nitrogen geany compton tint2 pnmixer conky lxappearance lxappearance-obconf hardinfo htop leafpad lesstif libtimezonemap libwbclient libxp lxinput lxrandr manjarobox-evolution-themes pam_encfs parcellite prebootloader printproto py3parted rlog slim tintwizard xautolock xlockmore synapse gnome-alsamixer Install Manjaro Openbox in VirtualBox Copy these files/directories over to the host: ~/.config/executables ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini ~/.config/nitrogen ~/.config/obmenu-generator ~/.config/openbox ~/.config/pnmixer ~/.config/tint2 ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-notifyd.xml ~/.conkyrc /usr/share/conkypic/lsd.png Log out and choose Openbox from your display manager’s session menu

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Error 404 updating Kali Linux

February 16, 2014

How to solve the error “404 Not Found” during Kali Linux updates:

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Running Postgresql 9.3 in an ezjail

January 26, 2014

To get this working I had to follow these steps:

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Django app as Facebook canvas app

January 21, 2014

As a newbie to Django, getting an empty page in the Facebook canvas tricked me up quite a bit. Here are some reasons for getting a blank canvas, even though your app works when accessed directly.

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