Page constantly reloads after logging in to Outlook on the web

October 8, 2016

When logging in to Outlook on the web (sometimes known as Outlook Web Access or Office 365), sometimes my browser constantly reloads the page, switching between different domains, but never showing anything but a blank page. I was able to solve this in Chrome as follows:

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Using the GPG renderer to protect Salt pillar items

May 21, 2016

Some notes on how to encrypt sensitive data in SaltStack pillar files, e.g. to commit them to source code repositories. Note about virtual machines In order to generate a key pair, entropy (“randomness”) is required. Entropy is usually generated from user input via the keyboard and mouse, which are not available inside virtual machines. Key […]

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Updating to latest “pass” on Ubuntu 14.04

May 2, 2016

The password manager “pass” is in Ubuntu’s repository, but the version on 14.04 is quite old and does not support e.g. the “find” command (“pass find”, where “” is in a subfolder of the password store). To get the latest and greatest version: Install tree v1.7.0 Download pass v1.6.5 (tarball) unxz password-store-1.6.5.tar.xz tar xf password-store-1.6.5.tar cd […]

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Create a FreeBSD GCE instance with salt-cloud

April 16, 2016

When creating a Google Compute Engine instance from a publicly shared image which is not in your own project nor one of the default projects – such as FreeBSD – the image-project can be specified on the gcloud command line. Here’s how to do the same when using salt-cloud instead of gcloud:

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Shutdown HTPC from Vera controller

March 17, 2016

Here’s how I configured my girlfriend’s Vera to shutdown her (Windows-based) HTPC when a certain scene gets triggered:

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Installing tarsnap on Linux Mint 17.3

December 31, 2015

Just some notes-to-self on how to compile and install tarsnap and acts on Ubuntu 14.04 and its derivatives.

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