System administration

Less verbose Server: response header from Apache

Unfortunately it's not possible to remove the Server: Apache header altogether from Apache's responses, but you can make them less verbose (and stop telling the whole world which version of Apache, OS and modules you're running). Read More ›

System administration

Run a command in all non-global Solaris zones

This script by Brendan Gregg lets one run a command in all zones (except the global zone). Read More ›

System administration

Configuring sendmail on Solaris 10 to use a smart host

Solaris 10 comes with sendmail, a very powerful but also very complex mail server. This tutorial covers only a very specific scenario, for which I was unable to find an example: I wanted sendmail to accept mail from any computer in my LAN and relay (forward) all of those mails to a “smart host”, i.e. an external mail server provided by my ISP. Read More ›


Removing "Search this site" from the search block in Drupal 6

Recently I wanted to remove the label "Search this site:" from Drupal 6's search block, preferably without resorting to any hacks such as parsing a text string for "Search this site:" (which could break whenever a new minor Drupal release gets out) or hiding the label in CSS (while this is not the worst solution, I always prefer not to output any unnecessary markup). Placing the following function in _template.php_ seems to do the trick in a clean way. Read More ›


Swedish language

I’ll be moving to Sweden in about a month, so I collected some links which I’d like to share here. I hope there is something of interest to you, whether you are thinking of moving to Sweden or just need some help for your holiday! Read More ›