Logo design schlueter-owl.de

Please propose three designs for a logo for a German tractor users hobbyist group, according to the questionnaire below.

  1. What is the full name as you want it on your logo?


  2. Tag Line if applicable


  3. What service or product do you provide?

    Nothing. The logo is for a non-commercial hobbyist association of tractor fans.

  4. What is your target audience?(Sex, Age Group, SEC class)

    Mostly men of all ages

  5. What style would you like your logo to be? Would you like unique text, an icon with the name included in it, an icon with the name next to it, an illustration, or a different style?

    An illustration or picture with the name next to it

  6. What style would you like your logo to be? Simple, 3d, Web2.0?

    Simple or 3D

  7. Do you want any specific ideas implemented into your logo? (color scheme, characteristics of your favorite brand, etc.)

    The tractor shown on the attached images should be part of the logo. You can either:

    • crop it off the attached images and integrate it directly into your logo,
    • crop it off the attached images and apply effects to it, or
    • make a drawing of a tractor that looks similar to the one from the attached images.

    The color #C41B0A should be part of the logo, e. g. used for the text.

  8. What should come to a customers mind when they see your logo?


  9. Do you have any reference image or links to styles/logos(any of your favorite brands - nike, cocacola, etc.,) that you like? If yes, what aspect of each design did you like?


  10. Anything that you absolutely do NOT want to see in your logo?

  1. Your preferred font style (Serif, Sans Serif, Medieval, Script, graffiti)?
  1. Your Website Address?
[www.schlueter-owl.de](https://www.schlueter-owl.de) (disregard the current logo, it is just a placeholder)
  1. Websites of your immediate competitor?

Please feel free to ask if you need further information or clarification. You can reach me on Yahoo! Messenger (claus_conrad16) or by e-mail (clausconrad@odesk.com).

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