"Try this search on Google" for startpage.com

Trying alternative search engines is fun, but sometimes you want to repeat your search on good ol' Google. This script helps Startpage users achieve that.

I tried DuckDuckGo once and it had this nice “Try this search on…” menu to repeat your search on other, more common or specialized, search engines. Unfortunately Startpage / ixQuick doesn’t have a similar function, so I made a small user script to achieve the same functionality (assuming you run Chrome or Chromium - other browsers are not currently supported).

How to install:

  1. Right-click and save startpagecom-google.user.js
  2. Open Extension settings
  3. Drag-and-drop the script from the download bar at the bottom of Chrome/Chromium into the Extension settings
  4. Allow access to your data on startpage.com

How to use:

  1. To repeat a search on Google, click the “Enhanced by Google” logo to the right of the search box on any results page on startpage.com.

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