Install TeamViewer 8 on Arch Linux

How to install TeamViewer 8 on Arch Linux:

This can be useful if you have a license for TeamViewer 8 and don’t want to upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Install dependencies from the multilib repository:

    sudo pacman -S lib32-gcc-libs lib32-alsa-lib lib32-libxtst lib32-libxdamage lib32-zlib lib32-freetype2
  2. Create a temporary directory to build the package in:

    cd && mkdir -p tmp/tv8 && cd tmp/tv8
  3. Download the older PKGBUILD and .install file:

    wget -O PKGBUILD
    wget -O teamviewer.install
  4. Build the package:

  5. Install the package:

    sudo pacman -U teamviewer-8.0.20931-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
  6. Enable the TeamViewer service:

    sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd
  7. Start the TeamViewer service:

    sudo systemctl start teamviewerd
  8. The TeamViewer 8 client / GUI app can now be run from the menu.